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Wellingborough Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2016

The Wellingborough Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2016 was held at the stunning Harrowden Hall in Wellingborough on Tuesday 18th October.  In attendance were some of the most recognized and well established businesses from the local area, such as Bushboard, Booker, Phoenix Training and Prop-Search.Com to name but a few.  Following a great opportunity to share ideas and learn from peers over a networking breakfast, the event began bright and early with a with a warm welcome from the Chamber President, Rob Hart.


Rob Hart, also of Hart Family Brewers started the event by talking about how businesses in Wellingborough have been succeeding over the years and working closer together to grow opportunity in the local area.  An interesting fact that we picked up from Rob’s introduction was that the Wellingborough Chamber is the longest continually running Chamber in the UK, cementing in our minds that Wellingborough and surrounding areas in Northamptonshire have a strong business heritage, likely to continue for many years to come.

All in attendance were excited to find out that the keynote speaker for the event was Charles Wilson, CEO of the Booker Group PLC (stood on the right in the image), headquartered in Wellingborough.  Charles spoke about Wellingborough’s ideal location for business, sat slap back bang in the A1/M1 corridor and with London accessible via rail from the town within 50 minutes businesses in the local area have a huge amount of opportunity.  Charles also discussed the rise of Booker over the past 10 years including how they overcame the financial strains through the recession, turning a struggling business into a profitable cash rich one, growing revenues massively year on year.  Booker’s people was a topic that Charles was very passionate about, employing thousands locally, he talked about how large numbers of their staff have been with them for 30+ years and this is a testament to their culture and how they reward their team.

After Charles’ insightful and motivational speech, both Rob and Charles proceeded to announce the three categories and finalists for the awards. The categories and businesses announced were;

  • Retail Business – Fab Footwear, Brides of Wellingborough, High Street picture framers Pixie Gallery.
  • Services – Dufeu IT Solutions – Chambers and Brighty Independent Funeral Directors – Phoenix Training.
  • Manufacturing – Healthy Baker – Hampton Steel – Bushboard

After much debate behind the scenes by the Chamber Officers and Ambassadors before the event the winners of the each category were selected;

Retail – Fab Footwear

Services – Dufeu IT Solutions

Manufacturing – Hampton Steel

Each of the winners were awarded a fantastic trophy for the cabinet and all of the finalists were presented with a certificate and a bottle of Champagne.  a very special mention goes to ‘Glamis Hall for All’ who won an award for working tirelessly to keep the Glamis Hall open and accessible for the community to continue to enjoy.  The successful event finished with some photos, handshakes and networking.  Dufeu IT would like to congratulate all of the finalists on their acheivement and also thanks to the Wellingborough Chamber for a great event.  We hope to be lucky enough to be in attendance next year.

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