Professional Services Director

Meet Neil

Neil Catterill

About me

Name: Neil Caterill
Job Title: Professional Services Director
Department: Professional Services and Client Operations.

About my job

I oversee both Professional Services and Client Operations department. In case you’re unaware the Professional Services team will deliver any work that is deemed as a project this includes many types of work, workstation rollout, email / file migrations, office moves and firewall installations to name a few. The Client Operations team monitor your server and workstations and proactively resolve many issues before they become a known issues to other users within your business. I don’t get involved with the technical side as much as I would like to anymore as my day to day include overseeing the departments, planning both pre-sales and active projects, and checking on the KPI’s that both departments have. Often assisting other departments with my technical knowledge that I have built up over the years.


Favourite Part of my Job

Oddly, I enjoy the pressure that comes with the job. As much as you plan out your day it can change very quickly changing your priorities for that day.


Favourite Thing about Working for Dufeu

Honestly, there are a few things I could list but for me it’s the team. Everybody within the business gets on well and is great to know that some take their friendship outside of the workplace also, often see other departments helping each other out really demonstrating the “Be a Team Player” value at Dufeu.


Hobbies outside of work

I enjoy going to the gym, I’m not very good at it but gets me away from my busy life for a while. Enjoy spending time with family on days out but I do prefer the pub more… Not exactly a hobby though.


Fun fact about me

I once did a grading that lasted 4.5 hours.. That’s half a working day! I wasn’t tired at the end, honestly.