Creative Marketing Designer

Meet Michelle

My role

I am responsible for the updating and maintenance of the website. This includes designing layouts and visuals as well as SEO and analytics. I also look after our social media platforms, google ads, any graphics that need designing (leaflets, magazines, Christmas cards etc..) and you can also catch me writing the odd blog article or two.  I’m quite lucky in that my role is very diverse, so my activities can be different from one day to the next.


Ain’t no mountain high enough

I’m a Mother to two gorgeous girls who keep me busy being a hairdresser to their many dolls, and nanny to their plastic offspring.

When I’m not on mummy duty, I enjoy a bit of baking and have started learning golf (which is a lot harder then it looks!).

When the course gets too frosty, I pack up my clubs, stick on my thermals and head for the mountains! Like golf, skiing is also a fairly new activity for me, and I absolutely love it! …Which is quite surprising considering how much I hate heights!


Ankylosing what!? Is that some kind of dinosaur?

A few years back I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (“AS” for short). This is an auto-immune disease that can be very painful and mainly affects your joints. After adopting a strict diet, I have managed to keep the condition under control (for the main part) without the aid of risky medications.

My family is very supportive, which helps me stay positive and believe that I can still achieve anything if I really want it. A year after I was diagnosed, I was skiing down a mountain in Austria. I refuse to let such a ridiculously named condition stop me!