Network Operations Technician

Meet Lukasz

Lukasz Paralusz

About me

Name: Lukasz
Job Title: Network Operations Technician
Department: Network Operations

About my job

In this proactive side of the business, we deal with things that the customer is usually not aware of. We create a lot of automation scripts, looking after servers performance and backups. We restore servers when disaster happen. We try to prevent things before they happen for example our scripts clean / delete files from the server if scan notify that space on the server is getting low. We make sure that backups are running on daily basis and none of them fail. We have time to shine when very bad things happen to the server but because we are so good in our work, the likelihood of this occurring is very low 😀


Favourite Part of my Job

Flexibility that the company gives you.


Favourite Thing about Working for Dufeu

Atmosphere around Dufeu, you always feel like you are part of a family.


Hobbies outside of work

Playing football and squash, spending time with family.


Fun fact about me

I used to be a teacher, driving instructor and was working as prison guard and have some other work experiences.