IT Service Technician

Meet James

My role

My responsibilities include the following: Taking phone calls, creating tickets and actioning tickets. These tickets can include anything from a simple password reset to troubleshooting a server down.


I have many hobbies …when I’m conscious 😉

I am a PC Gamer at heart, it’s the main reason I got into IT.
Although I get stressed out more by computers nowadays, I still can’t help but get online and play some games with my friends. I also enjoy playing guitar, boxing, anime and napping.
At any point you see me, I will be doing one of the things I just mentioned .


Music keeps me motivated

There are a couple rappers called Iamjakehill and Josh A, they both motivate and inspire me. Whenever I have a bad day I can put on any song by them and it’ll instantly get better, I met them in 2019 and it was probably the best moment of that year.