Onsite Tech

Meet Hal

Hal Davis

About me

Name: Hal Davis
Job Title: Onsite Tech
Department: Service

About my job

My job includes helping with onsite tickets, dealing with escalations from the lower tiers, assisting the team with issues and taking over as manager when Adam is not available on desk.


Favourite Part of my Job

My favourite part of the job is that everyday brings something different allowing to always learn new skills and information to further assist me in forwarding my career.


Favourite Thing about Working for Dufeu

I love the culture at Dufeu and how well we all get on as a team. We work together closely but we always expand upon that with company events bringing us even closer.


Hobbies outside of work

My hobbies include gaming, going to the gym, going to music events/gigs and going air rifle shooting at the weekends.


Fun fact about me

The origin of my name comes from 2001 a space odyssey as a play on words for IBM. My name is all the letters before the letters IBM.