Head of Security

Meet Darius

About me

Name: Darius Sebastian
Job Title: Head of Security
Department: Security

About my job

I am responsible for ensuring clients are up to date with their security operations and that they are as secure as possible, streamlining security operations and processes, and implementing security best practices and solutions that can enhance the client’s security posture. This includes implementing and the management of email gateways, EDR, Awareness Training and Phishing Campaigns and Cyber Essentials. I also focus heavily on identifying any potential cyber security threats, and work alongside our clients to mitigate any vulnerabilities.


Favourite Part of my Job

Being able to provide a service that assists with protecting our clients from being infiltrated. Working with clients to implement new cyber security solutions to add an extra layer of protection. Its great when a client sees the value the solution provides the business. I also enjoy being able to attend cyber security conferences to obtain information and to provide information on my experiences.


Favourite Thing about Working for Dufeu

There is always opportunity for personal and workplace growth. Dufeu IT aligns with my personal goals and work place development plans.


Hobbies outside of work

I enjoy playing football and tennis if the weather is warm. I enjoy reading cyber security articles to keep up to date on the world of cyber security.


Fun fact about me

You probably won’t believe me and potentially it may not even be a fun fact, but on a Saturday and Sunday, you can often find me down my allotment growing fruit and veg.


Favourite quote

“Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant”