Head of Internal Operations

Meet Camara

My role

My main role and responsibilities at Dufeu are all things to do with internal operations and compliance! I love a spreadsheet and a flow chart and organising people so this role suits me to the ground! As you can imagine with that I am really fun at party’s!


Planning, polishing and poles!

I am currently going by the moniker “bridezilla” as I keep reminding everyone here I am getting married in Greece next year so am busy planning this and keeping my fiancé busy!

If I am not planning my wedding, I am cleaning my house or buying things for the house! I am house proud and love ‘hinching my home’! I also do pole fitness and attempt to go to the gym as often as I can!


Clean hard, dream big

As I hinted there I am a fully pledged member of the #hincharmy and Mrs Hinch is someone who I definitely look up too! Not only do i admire her for her fantastic way of keeping her home a palace but also the way she stays humble throughout everything!

…I am fun I promise! HA!