Head of Internal Operations

Meet Camara

Camara Gaziano

About me

Name: Camara Gaziano
Job Title: Head of Internal Operations
Department: Internal Operations

About my job

I am responsible for all things process, my aim is to ensure all departments run as efficiently and effectively as possible. I handle all office infrastructure and our business accreditations along with assisting the MD with all business growth aspirations.


Favourite Part of my Job

My favourite part of working for Dufeu is the people we work with; everyone is unique, and everyone has a different part to play. We are like one big (dysfunctional) family!


Favourite Thing about Working for Dufeu

Cliche to say and I am wincing already but the staff, everyone gets along in and out of work.


Hobbies outside of work

Outside of work I enjoy the gym and pole fitness! Now though most of my time is spent online shopping for my baby due in December!