Level 2 Technician/ Onsite Engineer

Meet Alfie

Alfie Mayes

About me

Name: Alfie Mayes
Job Title: Level 2 Technician/ Onsite Engineer
Department: Service

About my job

My day working at Dufeu is a lot different now I’ve moved up the service desk. I’m now going out onsite delivering PC’s and hardware to customers directly. I’m also now working on the Level 2 side of service desk, looking into escalations from Level 1 as well as much more technical setups and installations for our clients.


Favourite Part of my Job

My favourite part about working here now is going onsite. Getting out of the office and looking into issues onsite as helping massively with my Tech skills. Its letting me get way more involved and understand my job much better.


Favourite Thing about Working for Dufeu

Working at Dufeu, my favourite part is the access to all the nerdy technology that I get. I can play around with recycled hardware and make my own servers as well as run my own sites and applications. Working here gives me massive freedom to do anything I want in the IT landscape.


Hobbies outside of work

Outside of work I go Gym, gotta get buff, I watch way too much TV and love going out for a bev with the lads.


Fun fact about me

I have my own private Netflix.