Head of Service

Meet Adam

About me

Name: Adam
Job title: Service Desk Manager
Department: Service

About my job

I currently manage and oversee the day-to-day running’s of the Service Desk, this includes managing the service team and providing them with the resources and technical guidance to successfully provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd line as well as onsite support to our clients. This also includes the triaging and scheduling of all tickets within the service department. I currently oversee our apprenticeship program which includes regular check ins with our provider to ensure the best outcome for our apprentices.


Favourite Part of my Job

Cliche to say and I am wincing already but the staff, everyone gets along in and out of work.


Favourite Thing about Working for Dufeu

The favourite part of my job is providing technical guidance to the team to assist with the resolution of tickets as efficiently as possible.


Hobbies outside of work

My hobbies include going on long dog walks and I am a big gym goer and have now been consistently training for around 7 years.


Fun fact about me

I am a qualified proprietary trader and have multiple qualifications in Financial Trading, I have a cat called Alfred and white husky called Indie.