Structured Cabling

Dufeu IT deliver cost-effective voice and data cabling services, network installation and configuration for businesses across the UK.

From site surveys and infrastructure planning and design through to installation, our team is ready to see your project through to completion, whether it be a small scale comms room or a large multi-site network.

Our expert team can help with the following:

  • Voice & Data Cabling
  • Cat 5e
  • Cat 6
  • Cat 6a
  • Cat 7
  • Fibre Optic
  • Networking Switches & Routers
  • Server & Comms Cabinets


Working with many ISP’s, Dufeu IT can offer broadband services to suit any business:


Affordable standard broadband services with up to 24MBps download speeds


Fibre to the Cabinet (sometimes known as Superfast broadband) services provide affordable, fast, asynchronous download and upload speeds for businesses where the service is available.


Ethernet First Mile, provides synchronous broadband connectivity for fast uploads and download speeds using Ethernet and copper cable. EFM is often a cheaper alternative to a fibre leased line.


Designed for businesses without access to standard broadband services or ones that are far from a telephone exchange in rural areas, Satellite broadband can be an affordable solution to receiving faster broadband speeds.

Fibre Leased Line

Your super-fast dedicated connection to the internet. A leased line offers up to 1GBps of bandwidth and has a 1:1 contention ratio, usually with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Businesses who’s internet use is business critical should talk to us about leased lines.


Multi-Protocol Labelled Switching services offer the very best in speed, uptime, connectivity and security. Designed to work off the back of leased line connections MPLS creates a permanent secure connection between sites, perfect for multi-offices.

Dufeu WiFi

People expect to be connected to the internet everywhere these days however many locations still do not offer free public WiFi.

Those that do may be missing out on valuable analytics and marketing benefits which are gathered from allowing the public to access the internet from their locations.

Dufeu IT provide advanced WiFi services for:

  • Retail
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Towns and Cities

Using Dufeu WiFi, businesses in these sectors can give their customers the benefit of free WiFi access.

They can also:

  • Track footfall to identify the most attractive displays & departments
  • Create a branded splash/login page
  • Capture customer demographics such as age and gender
  • Report on the frequency of visits
  • Display upcoming events to the customer
  • Send the customer various special offers
  • Receive more social media followers and traffic
  • Sell advertising space

Business & Education WiFi

Fast Wi-Fi at the Right Price for Business & Education.

Tired of your slow WiFi network? Fed up of not having the flexibility to work wherever you want within your office or classroom?

SMB’s, Schools and Colleges need fast, reliable Wi-Fi on-demand. As you move to the digital workplace, it’s critical to get your IT infrastructure ready, the nature of work is changing. Collaborative environments, a mobile workforce, the Internet of Things and the possibility of smarter spaces.

To meet the challenges, Dufeu IT can design, install and maintain fast, efficient WiFi networks to meet the needs of any organisation, with a focus on performance and optimal coverage where you need it.

Site Surveys and Blanket Coverage:

To correctly deploy your wireless network with no blank spots a full WiFi site survey should be conducted. Our expert team will study, design, plan and create Wi-Fi networks according to your performance and capacity requirements—taking into consideration the increasing amount of wireless clients and applications such as VoIP, HD video streaming and web browsing.