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The time is ticking for landlines, move over to VoIP.


The time is ticking!

If you’re not familiar with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) by now, then it won’t be long until you hear all about it.

BT Openreach have announced that in 2025, PSTN and ISDN networks are getting the boot and as early as 2020 they will be ceasing sales of those products.  Over the next 8 years, BT will be migrating its millions of customers over to their IP network and then simply switching off ISDN and PSTN, which means by 2025 you will more than likely be using a VoIP phone system.

What is a PSTN and a ISDN network?

PSTN (Public switched telephone network) is a standard public telephone network and only allows to transfer analogue voice data.

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) allows for Voice, video conferencing, data and direct dials in.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is Voice and multimedia content transmitted over IP networks. Because of this, phones and phone systems have now become software based, allowing for far more capability.

Since software developers have been working with VoIP, the possibilities are endless and a phone system has never had so much functionality. One of the many benefits of a software based VoIP phone system is the ability to download a free smart phone app which will allow you to keep your office number and extension on you at all times anywhere you have an internet connection, creating flexibility for you and your colleagues.

Have a call recording policy in your office? No problem, a software based VoIP phone system makes this easy for you to record calls, and you can even store the recordings in the cloud for security and retention.

Are you the person that transfers all the calls? With a software based phone system this is easier to manage, you can simply use your PC to identify who is busy on the phone and who is not, and drag and drop incoming calls to the appropriate person.

Finally, the money saving aspect of VoIP, you can have unlimited lines for as little as £10.99 which means no more expensive BT line rentals.

What does this switch mean to you and your business?

Well it’s great news as it is an open market out there. There are many VoIP providers that can help you make that transition and once you’ve made that switch you can start enjoying the features and benefits of it all.

As a quick tip, don’t get trapped in a long-term contract, telecoms companies are notorious for locking businesses in to expensive 5-10 year contracts which is absurd! Moving to a VoIP phone system is quite simple, should not be overly expensive and should not have you enrolled in anything longer than a 12 month contract.

The switch from PSTN and ISDN networks to Voice over IP is inevitable, many businesses have already made the switch and are moving forward so why wait until 2025?

As an IT & Telecoms service provider we have been working with VoIP for many years, whether you want to host your phone system in the cloud or keep it in house, we have the experience and knowledge to setup, configure and manage a new solution for your business.

Contact us on 01933 426 162 or email us at info@dufeu-it.co.uk so we can help answer any questions you may have.

2 thoughts on “The time is ticking for landlines, move over to VoIP.”

  1. Will the street infrastructure really be good enough to replace ISDN? There are a substantial number of people broadcasting high quality voice and music from home that depend on ISDN e.g. BBC DJs. I really don’t think the current internet infrastructure is close to adequate for this type of traffic.

    • Thank you for your comment, Martin. It’s hard to say? BT are confident it can be done by 2025 so I guess we will have to see how it all plays out.

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