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Is it time to make the switch to Office 365?

 Since 2011, Microsoft have been making a push for businesses to move to their subscription service, Office 365.

Now, 6 years later we are seeing this has become quite a popular trend for SME’s, and when you learn more about what Office 365 offers, it will come as no surprise why more are making the switch.

So, should you switch to Office 365? This is a question we hear often and now it’s time to look at the facts and let you decide what you think is best for your business.

“What are your plans for business growth?”

This could be a good place to start, Office 365 is great for business growth as you can easily add and remove user accounts (unlike an on-premise server Office account). As it is a service based application, it allows you and your staff to always have the latest applications with all the updates included, whereas with a physically owned product such as Office 2016, (minus security updates) what you see is what you get, and when Microsoft release the next update or iteration you are a version behind, which can potentially cause compatibility issues both within your business and outside of it. So, Office 365 is a great way of keeping things streamlined, up to date and helping you maintain that all important balance sheet.

“Efficiency in communication”

Aside from Outlook, there are several communication applications with Office 365 that can help increase the efficiency in your business. Skype For Business being one that stands out from the crowd, allowing for a simple way to communicate with staff members and other businesses without clogging up your inbox. Whether you are a standalone business or have multiple locations this is a great way to connect your team/s and keep them engaged with chat and video conferencing. Another application that stands out is OneDrive, a cloud service for hosting, syncing and sharing different files, OneDrive will give you up to 1TB of data storage. So, if you are paying separately for a third-party cloud based data storage service, you may be able to eliminate that additional expense.

“So is Office 365 right for your business?”

Maybe you just prefer owning an Office license, like owning rather than leasing a car. If you look at the trend though, this is the direction many software houses and companies are going. Adobe for example, they offer one of their largest services through the Creative Cloud and most people have adopted it as there is more reward than risk.

If you weigh up the actual cost of Office on-premise, including a server exchange, hardware, SSL certificates and more, with the additional services and flexibility Office 365 offer, this could make that switch justifiable.

If you would like to learn more about Office 365 and if it’s the right fit for you then don’t hesitate to contact us on 01933 426162 or visit Dufeu-it.co.uk to learn more.