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Why email can be your worst nightmare.

Email can be our best friend at times, helping to generate business and keep in touch with our customers and colleagues, most of us rely on email to run our businesses on pretty much every device. But what do you do if you receive an email that looks genuine but it’s not from someone you recognise? Do you open it? What if your colleague received that same email, would he or she open it? Maybe you know what to do in this situation, but does the person next to you know? This is where email can be your worst nightmare. In 2016 clicking unknown links within email was the biggest cause of exposing businesses to Ransomware attacks in the UK causing significant downtime, this is followed closely by clicking malicious email attachments. Sadly, this has become a growing trend and it is predicted 2017 will only be worse.

“But I have anti-virus and anti-spam protection so I’m all safe and secure?”

Unfortunately, not, even if you have anti-virus and anti-spam protection this does not stop Ransomware from getting through the front door. “So how do we stop it?”, the answer is you can’t, but you can put in place preventative measures to reduce the risk. Security products are required but at the top of the list has to be employee education.

The government have released the ‘Cyber Essentials Certification’ scheme, this scheme covers 5 areas where security best practice can help businesses mitigate 80% of the risk of a cyber attack. To learn how to become Cyber Essentials certified, how to take preventative measures from Ransomware (or how to recover quickly) and how we can educate you and your staff on preventing this happening in your business contact Dufeu IT Solutions on 01933 426162.