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Dufeu IT Solutions is a MSP Service Provider offering flexible IT support for small to medium-sized businesses, Telecoms, and Cyber Security in Wellingborough and the UK. We offer cost-effective solutions including IT Support, Cyber Security, VoIP and Internet Phone Systems, Business Connectivity, Business Mobile, and Managed Print. Not all IT support companies rank equally, our friendly team of experts are dedicated to helping clients evolve with innovative technology. Trust Dufeu IT for small business IT Support and services.

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What type of businesses do we support?

We support small to medium-sized businesses. The size of the business we support varies from 5 users to 350 users. Whilst we are based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire we work with companies in Kettering, Northampton, Milton-Keynes, London, all across the UK and overseas in all different industries.

What can you expect from our support team?

Personability, integrity and expert technical knowledge are the key components we look for in our team members.

When you contact our support team you will experience all of the above, we will do our best to resolve your issue efficiently whilst limiting downtime and keeping you in the loop.

We have no one who fully understands technology in our business, how can you help?

As a well-rounded team of technology experts, we can become your Chief Information Officer, IT Director and IT support team all under one roof.

We are here to take the worry and headache out of managing your technology, whether it be helping you plan the next 36 months technology spend, predicting future trends or resolving annoying IT issues we will take care of it so that you can focus on increasing the profitability for your small business.

I am an IT Manager, I need someone to lean on when I do not have the answer and need some help with some upcoming projects, how can you help?

If you’re an in-house IT professional and feel you’re at a point where you could do with some additional support, getting an established MSP service provider onboard could give you the support you need. Dufeu IT have tailored services designed for this exact reason.

We help many companies that have in-house IT teams with projects and on-going services such as server migrations, Office 365 implementations, security audits, regular patch updates, server monitoring and backup and disaster recovery solutions.

We’ll work with you not against you, whether you need us on the front line offering additional helpdesk support or taking a more strategic approach at the back end, the choice is yours, we will tailor our offering to you.

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