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Growth at Dufeu IT

It's a great time to be in business and we have noticed a lot of growth in Northamptonshire which is great news for us all. Businesses are employing more people...

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Don’t become a Cyber Crime Statistic

  54% of UK companies reported a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months, causing thousands of pounds’ worth of costs and disruption to their daily operations. Malware, Phishing,...

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Why You Should be Using a VoIP Phone System!

It is quite surprising that even in 2016 businesses are unfamiliar with Voice Over Internet Protocol, or as it is best known as VoIP. VoIP allows you or your business to make a phone call through a broadband network as opposed to a normal telephone line. This technology came around in the 70’s, although it was more commercially known in the 90’s once software developers got their hands on it.





Cryptowall is back on the scene again! We have had a couple of situations this week where our clients have called in reporting a shield window popping up on their screen (as seen below)



This is usually due to someone opening a file they do not recognise such as an .RAR file attachment. Sometimes the email subject will appear as an overdue invoice, drawing you in and before you know it, you have opened the door to a whole lot of trouble you did not expect. Cryptowall now has full access to your PC and Server, once it has access it will rename and encrypt all of your files and in most cases a webpage file will appear with text instructing you how to pay to have your files released. (as seen below)

Friendly Wifi

friendly wifi



These days most of us look for a way to connect online without using up our own data plan, sometimes we just want a faster connection with our main option being WiFi. Have you ever walked in to a restaurant, café or even a shopping centre and the first thing you do is search for a WiFi connection? Well, you are not alone!