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Why You Should be Using a VoIP Phone System!

It is quite surprising that even in 2016 businesses are unfamiliar with Voice Over Internet Protocol, or as it is best known as VoIP. VoIP allows you or your business to make a phone call through a broadband network as opposed to a normal telephone line. This technology came around in the 70’s, although it was more commercially known in the 90’s once software developers got their hands on it.

Friendly Wifi

friendly wifi



These days most of us look for a way to connect online without using up our own data plan, sometimes we just want a faster connection with our main option being WiFi. Have you ever walked in to a restaurant, café or even a shopping centre and the first thing you do is search for a WiFi connection? Well, you are not alone!

Staff Introductions!

We have a new apprentice IT Technician,  Elliot Sutton. As young as Elliot looks he is off to a cracking start on his Microsoft Apprenticeship. Elliot completed his IT certification at...

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Staff Introductions!

Next I would like to introduce you to Chantelle Sabey (Office Administrator) Chantelle has been with Dufeu IT since April this year and has excelled in her role as the Office Administrator. In...

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Staff Introductions!

2015 has not only been a very challenging year but has also been very rewarding. Thanks to our customer loyalty and lots of hard work we are happy to announce...

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The Holidays are upon us! What’s your backup plan?

cloud backup

Safe guard your business: With the holidays right around the corner we should all be thinking about our backup plan for the New Year. If you are one of those unfortunate people who have lost valuable data, you know how easy a disaster can happen without taking the right steps to prevent such a catastrophe.

ICO fines for data breaches and data loss…is your business protected?

The ICO can impose fines of up to £500,000 to UK small businesses for data breaches and data loss – as if losing your data wouldn’t be enough already!

In June 2012 the ICO released the following statement and IT security guide for small businesses, we strongly recommend small business owners read and comply with the guide to help avoid data loss…