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Staff Introductions!

2015 has not only been a very challenging year but has also been very rewarding. Thanks to our customer loyalty and lots of hard work we are happy to announce...

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iCloud….is it safe?

So by now most of you have probably heard about the latest celebrity photo leak in which hackers managed to negotiate their way around the security set by Apple for...

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What Is Phishing?

phishingWhen internet fraudsters impersonate a business to trick you into giving out your personal information, it is called phishing.  The term phishing is derived from the similarity of dangling a fishing rod into water and waiting for something to bite.  Phishing emails and websites are extremely difficult to spot so it is important that you keep your wits about you when opening any email, whether it be from a known source or not.

New Security Service – Web Protection

Web-Filtering-350x173At Dufeu IT we are constantly evolving our services in order to provide you with the most secure systems as possible.  A recent new edition to our service offerings is ‘Dufeu IT Web Protection’, which provides comprehensive web security, web filtering and bandwidth monitoring, allowing us to work with you to…

Start your engines….

On Friday, the Dufeu IT team took to the Go Karting track to settle a long debated topic in the office………Who really is the fastest driver? Well the results are...

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