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Backup! Backup!! Backup!!!

A businesses biggest concern when it comes to IT should be the safety of it’s data.  Whilst many businesses operate what they think is a fool proof backup system, unfortunately that is often not the case.  This month we have been both fortunate and unfortunate enough to have been involved in 3 (yes 3!) separate backup/disaster recovery related incidents.  These incidents are once again a huge reminder that we need to educate our clients and local businesses so that they understand the importance of not only having a working backup solution, but having a solution that is monitored and can be tested quickly and easily.

Superfast Mobile Broadband is here!

This week saw the launch of the latest innovation in mobile technology…the 4G data network.  The new 4G network will offer speeds over 5 times that of the current 3G network, this massive increase in speed will help transform the way businesses currently operate their mobile workforces.

Where are your profits going?…you’re printing them!

In every office around the world, the action of clicking the print button is performed hundreds of times a day.  There is not a lot of thought that goes into this simple action, it is merely a task that is performed on the fly without much consideration of the cost involved.

So what is the cost???

Beware…24/7 PC Care!

At our offices in Finedon we have been unlucky enough to have been assigned an ex-residential telephone number by BT for our business land line.  This number gives us the unwanted pleasure of receiving occasional phone calls relating to Payment Protection Insurance, credit cards and loans, all of which are usually met with a few choice words.

On Tuesday we had a very interesting phone call come into the office from a chap claiming to be called ‘Dave’ from a computer support company called 24/7 PC Care

Windows 8 – A Quick Look

You may or may not know but it is that time again…that time when everything changes and us IT bods hear the regular grumblings of  “why have they put that there”, “this is ridiculous” and “everything is so different, why can’t they just leave things alone?!”

October 26th marks the release date for Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8, and whilst it will be a warm welcome from some we are confident that this one will cause quite a stir with the rest.

5 benefits of technology leasing for your business

Whether you are the kind of person who purchases technology for your business as and when you need it or you like to squeeze every last bit of cash out of that PC you bought 7 years ago, eventually you will need to replace that ageing equipment and when the time comes it can be an awfully expensive exercise.  One way of reducing the financial hit is to spread the cost via a leasing agreement, these leasing agreements can be used to finance hardware, software and services – perfect for small businesses…