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One of the pains of technology is that it will inevitably go wrong at the worst possible time, in this respect computers are a lot like cars…you could bet your house on the fact that the day you need your car the most is the day that it will not start and you will be stuck at home waiting for the AA…or even worse stuck miles away from home.

Dufeu IT Achieves CompTIA IT Business Trustmark!

We are very proud to announce the attainment of the IT Business Trustmark.

CompTIA’s IT Business Trustmark is a vendor-neutral, business-level credential is designed to qualify and differentiate high-caliber solution provider organisations that operate in the United Kingdom. The Trustmark identifies the companies that demonstrate a commitment to providing top-quality IT services by following proven industry best practices. It serves as a reference to the quality of the services these companies provide and the commitment each makes to their end user customers. To receive the IT Business Trustmark, an IT service organisation must agree to a code of conduct, demonstrate knowledge of best practices, and submit an application covering a detailed list of criteria.

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Power Pains

We have recently seen an increase in the number of clients suffering significant downtime due to power surges damaging their IT hardware.  Damage is ranging from blown power supplies to fried motherboards and even lost data from hard drive failure!  All of which can be very costly to repair or replace, and in the case of lost data, devastating to a business.

Dufeu IT Christmas opening hours

Christmas is always a busy time of the year for us as the long break most businesses take allows us to fit in large projects to help our clients avoid downtime.  Our engineers will be on call throughout the holiday period and will be contactable on the main office number – 01933 426162 – we politely ask that we are not contacted on Christmas day to help setup any gadgets this year 🙂

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App Review…LogMeIn

Here at Dufeu IT we have been using LogMeIn as part of our helpdesk support regime for a number of years and have resolved thousands of issues remotely using the software which has meant we have saved our customers money and time.  I have also been using the LogMeIn iPhone and iPad Apps for some time for my own personal use and would recommend it to anyone who wants to take their work mobile, increase efficiency and productivity.

Don’t let bad weather stand in the way of operating your business

So far, Autumn 2012 has brought wind, rain and wide-spread flooding…beautiful!  Whilst the weather has picked up for the time being, we can no doubt look forward to plenty of ice and snow before the winter is out.

Whilst we all love the snow to a certain degree, for businesses in the UK especially, bad weather and snow in particular presents quite a challenge; do you close the office during blizzards or ask people to  take to the roads when it may not be safe? how do you continue to serve  your customers without inconveniencing them due to the weather? The list  goes on and on. This is a great example of where the right IT  infrastructure can pay huge dividends for you and your customers. The ability for key members of staff to securely work remotely is one way of answering those difficult questions.

Microsoft Licensing Crackdown – are you fully licensed???

As a Microsoft Partner we understand the licensing requirements of their software packages, however on a regular basis we still get clients asking if they need purchase that additional copy of Microsoft Office with the new PC they have bought or whether they can use the license from the version that is on ‘Bob’s’ PC.  The simple answer is no…incorrectly licensing software is illegal and can be punishable by large penalty fines.  But how would they ever know? It isn’t as if they would just turn up on your doorstep and perform a random check is it?! that never happens!…

Well…sort of…