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Interview with Apprentice Adam Holding


Apprenticeship: Level 3 IT Professional + Level 4 IT Professional (Including specialised training courses in various subjects)


Tell us a little about yourself:


I first began my interest into the IT world when I completed a work experience with Dufeu IT through my secondary schools work experience program. This was the first time I had experienced a real working environment and instantly became addicted to the idea of a career within IT. After deciding IT was the correct career choice for myself I decided to study IT at college completing a 2 year BTEC Diploma in both IT Hardware and Software. Once this had come to an end I then decided it was time to begin my search for a job within the IT industry. Originally from Plymouth I searched for jobs on a national scale to broaden my search and hopefully locate myself a suitable position. Having contacted multiple IT Companies and having not been successfully, I received a phone call from Dufeu offering myself an interview and the chance to complete an apprenticeship. After relocating from Plymouth to Wellingborough almost 3 Years later I have now completed two apprenticeships both Level 3 and Level 4 and I have also completed a wide variety of courses to broaden overall knowledge and skills.


What are your views on the quality of the Dufeu IT Apprenticeship?


One Van - sideThe training with Dufeu has been outstanding and has allowed me to develop not just my IT knowledge but also my personal and customer skills. On a daily basis I have been given the opportunity to interact with customers and apply my training and skills into a busy working environment. Whenever needed all staff at Dufeu are at hand to help and assist, whilst also giving the opportunity to become a more independent engineer and tackle any tasks at hand. The overall quality of the apprenticeships at Dufeu are second to none allowing myself to complete training via an online webinar and complete a wide variety of exams and courses. The service I have received has been truly excellent and I would happily recommend this to anybody looking for a career within the IT industry.


What contribution has Dufeu IT made to your apprenticeship?


Dufeu have helped me develop my skills by allowing me to complete courses alongside my apprenticeship as well as providing me the time to complete my courses and further develop my knowledge. By pushing me to complete jobs out of my comfort zone this has helped me to further understand and complete more complex tasks, as well as better develop my personal skills whilst interacting with customers on a verbal and physical level. At Dufeu they have guided and pushed me to better strengthen my knowledge and without their assistance and guidance I would not be where I am today.


What are the benefits of your apprenticeship?


  • I have gained a wide variety of technical knowledge.
  • I am able to work on an individual basis as well as work within a team to complete tasks.
  • I am able to pass my knowledge onto other apprentices to better develop their knowledge and assist where possible.
  • I am able to solve more technical issues using the knowledge gained from both apprenticeships and courses.
  • It has made me become a more confident individual.
  • I am not afraid to tackle any task at hand.
  • I am able to lead and complete a wide variety of jobs without the need for assistance.


Where are you now?


I am currently working as a team member of the support team at Dufeu IT. I am based both in the office completing a wide range of remote support whilst also working on site as a field engineer assisting and completing anything from installations of PC’s, Phone Systems and Servers, through to software based installations and general onsite IT Support. Since completing my apprenticeships with Dufeu I am now certified by Microsoft as a Microsoft Certified Professional and I have completed various courses and exams including Microsoft Server 2012 and Comptia Network +. Having been with Dufeu for almost 3 years I am now a valued member of the support team and look forward to many more years to come.